Services Edge Partner

We bring together talent, technology and deep understanding of business processes


Problem: Product information management and Supply chain management

Solution: Our aim is to provide a wide range of solutions from warehouse management to product marketing. We develop custom solutions for retailers to improve their business across the web. We also develop various e-commerce solutions to pace up your business in this current trend and improved win rate through the implementation of our web analytics platform.


Problem: Various hospital lacks patient data structuring. 

Solution: We develop an integrated platform that consolidates the patient data and structures them in every way possible from the date of entry to his number of visits. Database with all the information was handy and reduce the cost of maintaining all those manual sheets.


We deploy our unique CRM platform which connects customers with organizations through various stages of Quote to Delivery process and Integrates with ERP platform in the Delivery to Cash stage helping organizations understand the key levers for faster cash collection through our unique CRMx analytics tool.


Problem: To improve the Agility and Customer Experience 

Solution: We enable organizations to capture, reuse tacit knowledge from employees and make it shareable across the function/organization thereby increasing the speed of response to customers through our
unique Knowledge platform Cuiki


Lean processes enable organizations to be nimble and cost effective – our experts study organizational processes and enable reduce waste.